CONTACT has dedicated to promote the better products with higher quality and more substantial all the time; we also keep studying hard in techniques. To supply the best goods is our core conception; to serve clients diligently is our primary mission. If you have any doubt or advice, we are glad to solve these problems for you....Our Product and Service   In 2005, leading by the leader with playful spirit and join the candy and toy market. Our spirit as large as our dreams, and we believe that it’s without country boundaries and age limit. We diversify our business from creative product design, massive production and even sales and marketing over Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. 【more About Us
6F., No.176, Zhongshan 2nd Rd., Luzhou City, Taipei County 247, Taiwan (ROC)
【TEL】: +886-2-8286-0458    【FAX】: +886-2-8286-9591

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